Animation prototype 

Various mobile mockups, concepts, and prototypes for MeYou Health’s products.

From top to bottom: Daily Challenge, Walkadoo, QuitNet, and Hello 200. 2014–2015.

It’s difficult to show almost three years of product work through a couple of images. My first task when I started as the first full-time web designer at MeYou Health was to work on the ability to register with email & password (only Facebook registration existed). While the product branding was established prior, I’ve helped shape a tremendous amount of the product including tracks, core daily flow and the feed, invite flows, emails, well-being news, and many parts that now live at the platform level.

Vibrant community is a part of the reason for Daily Challenge’s success in improving the well-being of participants. Not only does level of engagment in Daily Challenge far surpass that of many wellness programs offered by employers and health plans (over 70% 90-day retention and over 80% 30-day retention) but in a randomized controlled trial, the product showed effective at improving the well-being score of individuals compared to the control group. 2011–2014.

Territory is flat fee real estate broker for buyers.

Responsive strategy and layout for the core, peroperty search, flow. 2014.

Digitizing classroom attendance data is a part of instructors role I found cumbersome. I developed a product concept to fulfill my own needs of attendance taking, attendance-based automated reminders, and splitting the classes into groups.

A colleague of mine developed, based on this product concept, an Android app as project through which he could learn Android development. As a paid app (~$2.99), it gained over 800 downloads with zero marketing effort until OS updates and new hardware made it incompatible. A free, feature-limited version of the same app gained over 8,000 device installs in three years and three months also involving zero marketing. Scope: requirements analysis, information architecture, usability testing, interface design. // July 2010.

PhotoWorks was one of the first photo print services available on the world wide web. At the time a subsidiary of American Greetings’ Interative Division (AG Interactive), it was facing declining usage due to stiff competition from services like Kodak Gallery, SnapFish, Shutterfly and technological obsolescence. AG Interactive consulted with advanced Information Architecture and Design course at Kent State to uncover and analyze usability issues.

While the course scope was limited to findings, I took indepndent interest in the project and turned insights into a specific recommendations shown here. Scope: Usability Engineering // Information Architecture // Visual Design // Spring 2009
Download the project report (6 MB PFD)

LiveEdit is a suite of web applications for professional photographers. Various modules allow photographers to retouch & edit, keyword & catalogue, and license photographs.

It started as an initiative to productize and commercialize tools developed in-house by an established fashion photography agency and succeeded in achieving sustainability. Scope: Interface and Interaction Design // 2007 – 2009.

Cidamon is a web design and development studio started by Rafi Dowla and myself in 2005.

From the time we engaged in our first client relationship, Cidamon’s visual presentation and promotion was my responsibility. Art Direction // 2006