This website is typeset in Scala Sans, designed by Martin Majoor and distributed by a number of major foundries. I licensed the web font from MyFonts, whom I recommend.

The site is hosted on Linode and powered by Jekyll.

The tools I use to maintain changed over the years. In 2006, I used Adobe Photoshop until Sketch by Bohemian Coding became my primary design tool in 2013. The first HTML file was saved using now defunct TextWrangler from Bare Bone Software. I used and loved TextMate for a number of years thereafter. Since around 2017, I use both Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code. I version control in Git, via iTerm. Solarized iTerm theme, diff-so-fancy, and Fira Mono make doing that a touch more elegant.

Google Analytics is tracking your session here and is the only service doing that. Embed Responsively makes embedded content like YouTube videos play nicely with phones.