Work from 2007–2008.

While at Design Solutions & under the direction of Diane Sperko, I participated in the work of the wayfinding committee at Kent State University. My contribution was an update and standardization of documentation for the vehicular wayfinding on Kent State’s main campus.

The update included the layout of messages on the panels ahead of replacement of worn out signs and addition of support for temporary, event signage. Fabricator: Akers Signage. Summer 2008.

I developed directional signage and a map for Portage Hike and Bike Trail segment that runs through the heart of Kent State University’s campus. Trailblazer signs had to work within limitations of installed support and available hardware.

In consultation with the Office of University Architect at Kent State, I developed a modular system of individual elements for a schedule of 47 signs. Fall 2007.

Pedestrian campus map of Kent State University. It’s largely a response to a question whether the shapes of buildings are meaningful and necessary on a pedestrian map.

As the map sets out to show, a stylized approach that indicates only a relative size and mutual locations can be just as effective. Spring 2008.

Wendy Park in Cleveland was at the time a hardly accessible and barely utilized public space. It was on of the three areas of Cleveland Flats considered in the 2008 EGD summer worksop at Kent State.

In collaboration with Vesela Kouzova, Lauren Wright, and Jennifer Vokoun. The above technical illustrations are all mine.