From 2006 to date, I made this site using a number of tools. Adobe Photoshop for Mac has been a constant. The first HTML file was saved using TextWrangler from Bare Bone Software (it became a trial version of BB Edit). I used and loved TextMate for a number of years. Nowadays, it's Sublime Text. I version control in Git, via iTerm. Shout-outs to Solarized iTerm theme, diff-so-fancy, and Fira Mono.

Typeface is Martin Majoor’s Scala Sans, used as a webfont. It’s distributed by a number of major foundries but I licensed it from MyFonts, whom I recommend.

The site is hosted on WebFaction.

Google Analytics is tracking your session on this site and is the only service doing that here. Embed Responsively makes embedded content like YouTube videos play nicely with phones.

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