Comparison: Pollock and Aerial Photography // 1154 days ago

Top: One: Number 31, Jackson Pollock, 1950. Bottom: Aerial photograph of Berlin. Via Visakan Veerasamy. Images from a Quora answer.


On Type Design and Boston // 1698 days ago

D.C. Denison for the Boston Globe on type design and Boston: Boston companies push type design into future

Digital devices are redefining how we read, and Boston foundries are at the forefront of creating the actual letterforms they use.


Enterface, a user interface design app by Ben Dansby // 1698 days ago

Enterface, a user interface design Mac App by Ben Dansby:

— ebukva (@ebukva) September 3, 2012


Mountain Lion welcomes me // 1728 days ago


Social Perspective on Language // 2048 days ago

Until relatively recently, it had been thought that language had evolved in order to facilitate an exchange of information—about the location of predators or prey, for instance—or as a secondary consequence related to our development of tools. But the social perspective on language suggests that it evolved as a means of maintaining group cohesion. [...] A strong indicator of this fact is that most conversation is light on intellectual content, and it certainly is not focused on complex ideas about the environment we inhabit or even about culture or economics.

From Connected by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler


Anniversary of Good F*** Design Advice // 2050 days ago

Brian and Jason have a video (directed by Eric Courtney edited by Alex Catanese) explaining the motivation behind their GFDA project. Nicely done!

Given the anniversary of GFDA, it seems like an opportune time to share photos of my posters.

Google Art Project // 2270 days ago

Here is something of great interest to me because of my MFA thesis". Google is using their maps infrastructure and technology to present some of the world’s most significant art museums on the web. The Google Art Project certainly looks flashier compared to what we are used to coming from Google.
While it might have more of a cool effect than a sweeping social impact of the Google Books kind, the project is a fantastic start for something long overdue, i.e. making more of the world’s visual art accessible on the web.

MoMA Acquires 23 Typefaces // 2272 days ago

A year or so after, in a symbolic move, MoMA acquired the @ symbol, 23 digital typefaces now are a part of MoMA’s architecture and design collection. More at


Comic Sans Criminal // 2319 days ago

Cute little site by Matt Dempsey called Comic Sans Criminal.


Comparison: Footprints // 2365 days ago

Left: Laetoli fossilized hominid footprint by John Reader / Photo Researchers, Inc. Right: Buzz Aldrin’s boot print by Buzz Aldrin/NASA. Via Robert Krulwich for NPR and Frank Chimero.

Khoi Vinh's Book Available for Pre-Order // 2365 days ago

Khoi Vinh, the former design director of the, has written a book titled Ordering Disorder: Grid Principles for Web Design. It’s not scheduled to be available for another month or so but can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.


Findings from A List Apart's Web Design Survey 2009 Available // 2397 days ago

Once again, we have crunched the data […], figured out what the numbers were telling us, and assembled the sliced and diced data-bytes into nifty charts and graphs for your edification and pleasure.

Have a look at the 2009 survey findings.